Maharaja Experience


Jashn Exclusive In days gone by, Indian Maharajas and Maharanis led lives of unimaginable luxury, surrounded by armies of staff whose sole purpose was to indulge their every whim. With our beautiful Maharajas table, which seats eight, we have re-created the opulence and grandeur of the finest Indian palaces so befitting of Indian princes and their brides- how many other restaurants can promise that?

So let us take you on a culinary journey, fit for royalty.

The Maharajas Table must be booked with at least 7 days’ notice and a deposit will be required. Please contact us for further details.

Maharani’s Exclusive This evening Banquet gives you the freedom to explore our entire menu. Any dish you desire will be presented to the table: 
2 course Evening £23.75 per person 
3 course Evening £25.75 per person 
4 course Evening £27.95 per person 

Maharaja’s Exclusive – £65 Per Person

And not only that but you can choose from our wide range of fine wines, beers and spirits (excluding champagne). Our aim is to make your evening truly special, to transport you to the grand, elegant and exotic world of the Indian Maharajas and create such a pleasurable night it will live in your memory for many years to come. We would be honoured to serve you and give you the chance to sit at the table of royalty for a night. So don’t hesitate to book this wonderful experience.